"The Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof. Therefore, we have to understand the land. There is a whole new generation that needs that and must learn the benefits of stewarding it. Only by having an understanding of the land's cyclical nature, you are able to connect with the full cycle of how He created it. The Agroforest Project reflects that."
Chuck Pierce
Glory of zion international ministries president
"The Beulah Acres Agroforest brings together the vision of the Israel Prayer Garden with permaculture concepts and the goal of stewardship. Since we first broke ground at Global Spheres Center, we have embraced our mandate to steward this piece of ground in Corinth, Texas, for the glory of God and the health of our local environment. I look forward to the ongoing restoration that we have started here for years to come!"
Pam Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries VP & grounds director

Agroforest with a smile

Garden Crew

Daniel Arenas - Beulah Acres Agroforest Project Manager - Urban Garden specialist - Permaculture Designer - Denton County Master Gardener - Elm Fork Chapter Texas Master Naturalist

"The Agroforest is a learning process with the Land, it's a classroom and a dream come true! I've learned so much from being part of the glory of zion family, and to be able to design and develop something like this project is a huge blessing. The right people around, at the right place, doing the right thing just really means a lot to me. I love the land, I love the people, I love jesus! enjoy the website and also our journey as we learn and work with nature!"

“This is such a wonderful place to come and see how nature and beauty go hand in hand. I can come and find peace in the garden and learn from all the plants and animals.”

Chris Davidson - Israel Prayer Garden Overseer

“The Beulah Barnyard is a beautiful example of how god wants to use each one of us for our designed purpose and help us reach our potential and then exceed it. i have experienced personal highs and lows and every time i come to the barnyard, garden, and/or agroforest i'm reminded that despite all the ups and downs of life that god has me where he wants me and that i am exceeding any limits i put on myself or the world puts on me"
- Sydney Chase
Beulah Barnyard Manager
“What the garden crew has done with the undeveloped ground in the agroforest is nothing short of amazing. they have transformed the land into another beautiful extension of the garden.”
- George Slack
Garden Associate
“coming to beulah acres and the agroforest was something that i didn't see coming into my life. it was an opportunity presented to me to be a part of something that was greater than myself and something that will grow and prosper for years to come. getting to be involved with a project as meaningful as the agroforest has really showed me how exciting it is to be creating an environment for us to watch plants, trees, wildlife and ourselves grow together. i love having the chance to listen each day for gods voice and his direction in this plan for our project as a whole and also for myself and being in this environment allows me to be surrounded by his amazing creations, to reflect on my service and be involved in a project that i truly believe in.”
- Allison Lohse
Office support staff
"I remember when I used to ask “the gods” for the opportunity to live of the land. I’ve always loved the fact that I could plant, harvest, and then take it to the kitchen and enjoy the fruits of my hard work. Time went by. I went to many different places and lived many experiences. Only when I set my feet on this property, did I begin to understand that there was something missing that none of “the gods” could fulfill. I automatically felt different without really knowing what it was, and decided that I wanted find out answers to my questions. Feeling empty inside, I questioned myself about my past dreams, the ones I never had an answer to. Then I started following my “crazy” brother in law, because he has the same dream 🙂 I started to volunteer at Glory of Zion and go to church there. I was very interested in the Agroforest Project and started to help. One day on my knees pulling weeds, I realized that I was actually already living my dream! It had began...and crying on the land, I started to be thankful for being loved, and being able to love back the one and only God Redeemer, our Lord Jesus Christ."
- Tiago Magane
Field Support Staff
"the agroforest has brought a unity that is unmatched with the community coming together to volunteer and help transform the land is nothing short of amazing. i didn't see or have the vision of the transformation, but wanted to be a part of the dream that the lord shared with daniel arenas. seeing the finished product has completely changed my perspective on how we can all come together to transform the land into an area we can all be proud of and give to the lord."
- Brian Lohse
Community Outreach Director
“I've been here at global spheres center, israel prayer garden since the project began in the spring of 2011. with the new beulah acres agroforest i have never seen a project come into fruition the way this project has. it is a real testimony to see us all working together, the garden staff, a large community involvement; Master Gardeners, Master Naturalists, and i think mostly the hard work of our leader daniel. his research is impeccable. i've experienced his planning and now i am beside myself to see the results.. but we've only just begun. we first planted trees to get our canopy started, a long process. We have utilized lots of volunteer native plants out of the israel prayer garden which are now well-established. augmented with lots of other native plants and vegetables, causing everything to work together establishing our agroforest. we have also completed our swale. I am so proud to be a part of this project!"
- Sue Stunich
in honor of our loved one
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