How Can You Help?

When you volunteer, it doesn’t mean you are worthless, it means you are PRICELESS!

This is a big part of the Beulah Acres Agroforest and we have specific dates for you to come over and cooperate.

Check out our CALENDAR!

We constantly need supplies and materials to  keep moving forward and would love to see what you have that we could use, reuse, and repurpose.

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure!

Please email us to proceed with donations.

We are under Glory of Zion International Ministries’ wings, which means that we are funded by this organization who can take donations on our behalf.

In that case, please visit the Glory of Zion website to contribute. Select “Community Outreach” or designate funds to “Beulah acres Agroforest”.

May your blessings be multiplied back to you!


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