Mission Statement

Beulah Acres Agroforest is based on sustainable ecological sciences where the mutual symbiosis of dependent cooperation between fauna and flora are necessary for the prosperity of the selected size.

This method utilizes Permaculture and Earth Kind practices to regulate a low-maintenance, sustainable, plant-based food production system according to our region’s ecosystem and environmental zoning, incorporating trees, shrubs, bushes, herbs, vines, root crops, perennials, grasses, ground covers, and native plant life to support humans and wild life needs.

A balanced ecosystem is necessary where wildlife is vital to play its part on the Project’s full cycle of fulfillment since each living element takes something away to give something back to the Agroforestry System.

There are many possibilities that we can explore such as a huge variety of gardening methods, wild life habitats, rescuing native plants from outside areas and rehabilitating them on our site, developing systems of efficient irrigation and Rainwater Harvesting, among many other beneficial ideas


  •  Understand and steward the land and the ecosystem to be enhanced and preserved 
  • Plant selected and native species, attract wild life, analyze, and optimize natural resources
  • Participate in the design process, identify and select elements to be implemented, and explore possibilities 
  • Learn, educate, research, document data, and engage with others
  • Develop an inviting area to connect people and nature

The Vision and History Behind It

Beulah Acres is a creative Center that offers a variety of classes such as gardening, pottery, American Sign Language, and more. We believe that everyone is creative in some way and that creativity needs to be stimulated so you can find joy in things you like to do and be the best version of yourself. https://beulahacres.com/

Beulah Acres is also the “flag” we use to perform any kind of grounds work within the almost 25 acres we have specially designated to develop what we call a Sustainable Urban Farm, demonstrating sustainable practices, restoring the land, and learning from the property that we were chosen to care for. 

We are the outdoor portion of Global Spheres Center, a non-denominational Spirit filled Christian Church that follows the word of God, observes the Jewish calendar, and is under the wings and guidance of Glory of Zion International Ministries, that in its close to 50 year journey and counting, has over 180+ nations connected to it worldwide. – www.gloryofzion.org

In this blessed strategy, everything started in the garden, just like in the bible. We first broke ground over 12 years ago, in an area where we established The Israel Prayer Garden. – https://www.facebook.com/israelprayergarden/

Our property development started in March 2011, lots of soil build, planting, learning…..more than enough to recognize this incredible garden as the heart of everything else that surrounds it. It’s our classroom, our quiet place, and our reference to observe and get soil under our fingernails as we keep moving forward with other Areas.

Because of our leadership vision to establish this garden, everything else connects back to it. From the Church Tabernacle, to the Community Outreach Center, to a sustainable composting operation, farm animals, Community Garden, Creative Arts Studio, kids gardening classes…..all back to the garden.

From the Prayer Garden, plants that naturally multiply are removed and transplanted to other areas, any garden waste becomes compost and goes back to the garden, our ducks “visit” the garden to eat bugs, the congregation and community comes to the garden to pray and enjoy it, the farm animals work the grounds for us and give us organic material that becomes compost and…..goes back to the garden.

The Garden Crew Team builds, rebuild, plant, prune, harvest and preserve…..every year we go full cycle when it comes to Times and Seasons that we need to live in and shift as things around us do the same. 

If you look form the top view of our close to 40 acres property, the Israel Prayer Garden is at the center of everything!

So now you get it. We are passionate about the land, we feel honored to be able to care for this property, we care about our community and of course, we love Jesus!

If by now you still didn’t get it, let us summarize it for you: We have HOPE for better days because we believe. Because we believe, we move in FAITH, even if we can see exactly what’s going to happen tomorrow. Because we move in faith, we choose to operate in LOVE, and out of love we work the grounds and receive the next steps of this beautiful Journey. 

That’s where the AGROFOREST comes in. It is an area that we have been developing in a way to demonstrate how you can learn from nature and be able to apply these practices in your home with your family and with your friends.

May the Lord bless, multiply, and prosper you as you come and go from this place we call home.

Design Strategies

Permaculture is a design life style based on principles found in nature where wildlife and plants work together. Its purpose is to create living environments that are resilient, sustainable and productive; while greatly reducing the work and energy required to maintain them. 

Agroforestry is a land use management system in which trees or shrubs are grown around or among crops or pastureland.

Food Forest is a low-maintenance, sustainable, plant-based food production and agroforestry system based on woodland ecosystems, exploring the different layers of plants and incorporating plant guilds with shade, fruits and nut trees, shrubs, herbs, vines, and vegetables which have yields directly useful to humans 

7 Layers of a Forest is naturally designed perfectly to accommodate trees and plants according to its needs and also to provide natural habitats for wildlife. From the tallest trees in the system, these are the layers: Overstory Trees, Understory Trees, Shrubs, Herbaceous, Roots, Ground Covers, and Vines

Tree Guilds are typically made up of six categories: suppressors, attractors, repellers, mulchers, accumulators, and fixers, though there are variations and there’s no rule that you have to plant all these or can’t plant more than one species from each category. 

Farm Animals and Food Forest Integration can greatly reduce labor and fossil fuel needs, while promoting soil health and a number of key function, such as site preparation, tillage, mowing and grazing, insect control, weeding and composting. 

Gardening with God allows us to understand how He created nature to function. How does every relationship in an ecosystem cooperates symbiotically, and how it is just perfectly balanced. With an open mind and heart, by watching and asking the right questions, we believe that He, as the Creator, will guide us through the Times and Seasons revealing what the next steps are, best appointed strategies, and right supply resources to be utilized for multiplication and prosperity. A kingdom mindset just comes along when following the Son of Man. Our beloved Jesus Christ is the example to be followed, the reference to be passioned about that comes from a relationship with the Holy Spirit, manifested through revelation, wisdom and love.

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