Brian Lewis

One day, I will bring family and friends to Beulah Acres Agroforest and show this native Red Sumac I planted.  Maybe it will be a mature, 10 foot tree by then.  Maybe we’ll go when it’s vibrant red in the fall. Elm Fork Chapter Master Naturalist Class of 2020

Amanda Scallon

“As The Chairman For Keep Corinth Beautiful, I Am Always Looking For Opportunities To Engage With Local Organizations And To Strengthen Bonds Within The Community. I Was Blessed To Come Across Beulah Gardens And To Learn About The Amazing Work Being Done Here. I Am Excited To Have The Opportunity To Watch And Learn From …

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Kathryn Wells

“One Of The Most Delightful And Beneficial Recent Developments On The Global Spheres Grounds, Beulah Acres Agroforest Overflows With Diversity And Dynamism. Systematically Unearthing And Encouraging The Potential Of The Property And Seamlessly Reawakening Its Resources Restores The Fundamental Connectivity Of Creation. And, As The Land’s Life Finds Its Safe And Proper Place, People Are …

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Kaye Jackson

“I Believe All Of Nature Is Interconnected, Including Us. That Is Why I Joined The Beulah Family. For Humans To Thrive Nature Must Survive, And Vice-Versa. Only A Small Piece Of Ground Is Needed So This Promotes Water Conservation. People , Animals, And Insects Benefit From The Plants. Through This Approach Beulah Contributes To Conservation, …

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Linda Barker

“When I Heard About The Agroforest Project, I Wanted To Learn More About It. This Project Is So Different, Offers A Wide Range Of Experiences And I Couldn’t Wait To Get Started. I’ve Been Able To Apply What I Learned In My Master Garden Training As Well As Expanding My Knowledge. All Skill Levels Are …

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testimonies are individually unique!

Everybody has a point of view, a perspective, a desire. Everyone loves something, believes something and have dreams. People have a different stories, different journeys….. all under the same stars. That makes us unique! We love to hear the unique perspective of people around us. Volunteers, friends, family………community! It makes a lot easier to keep …

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