Landscape Assessment ?

During the initial phases of a project, such as site selection and design concept, the best first step is to identify areas of opportunity or setbacks. From there, you have the information to make decisions, design features and most importantly, get to know the land you desire to work on.

Landscape design is not just building a beautiful stone edged garden, or a water feature, or plant all kinds of trees. From a Permaculture perspective, is to identify elements that exchange energy in your property and make positive decisions from there to accomplish whatever it is that is in your project wish list.

Things like soil type, sun solstice, winds and watershed are just a few examples of elements that will dictate the success of your project.

In this category you will find interesting and useful links to work on your site ID and have great information about what you have and what you could have in order to fulfill your desires as far as knowing that you are putting together a sustainable, resilient and living system!

Multiplication, prosperity and abundance should always be on your list!

Enjoy and stay updated! Blessings

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