Plant Pests & Diseases

As a gardener, the last things you want to find are plant pests & diseases. The fact is; what could cause trouble in your garden are out there and we do our best to to avoid all that mess.

Having a balance environment is key! Good soil, plant variety, pollinators, predators…..just to name a few……should be every gardener goal. If you are gardening, it is because you love plants. It’s because you want to harvest that beautiful and prosperous crop, enjoy beautiful flowers or just be speechless when you sit under a tree and relax.

This website from Planet Natural Research Center has many many cool links about pests and diseases, organic gardening and proactive solutions, with pictures and descriptions of everything! It will help you to care for your so desired, part of the family garden =)

Explore the menu on the left side of the webpage and go for it!

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