School of Permaculture

What can I say. I did change my life!

After 10 years learning about the land, plants, wildlife and people, this course connected everything in my head and in my heart. Such a life long journey when you are living the land and I am a blessed man to cross paths with the School of Permaculture.

I am a Master Gardener from Denton County and Master Naturalist from Elm Fork Chapter here in North Texas and I can’t say how much education, hands on and network I acquired from being part of these associations.

Maybe it was just my season, my timing, or better, His plans for me, because learning so much from these guys and being able to apply all that knowledge here at Beulah Acres – Israel Pryer Garden, something definitely clicked after being certified as a Permaculture Designer.

Do I recommend the School? Yes! Do I like education? Yes! Do I desire for you to be joyful and be connected to the garden? Always!

Take a look at their website and be confident that this is an incredible course!

You will hear more about them in future posts cause there is so much valuable information, lessons within lesson………I am sure you will enjoy!

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